Katie Runs The ABP Newport Marathon!

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The ABP Newport Marathon, a thank you to our followers and our exciting special Bio-glitter® news...

The team at Katie’s Heart , our extended family, friends, followers and supporters would like to congratulate Katie on completing her first marathon. Not only did she complete the ABP Newport Marathon on 29th April 2018, she ran the 26.5 miles in 4 hours 21 minutes. This is just incredible and we couldn’t be prouder! 


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We have raised £856 for Look Good Feel Better so far 2018 and to say we are chuffed to bits is an understatement!

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Thank you to our customers and all who donated to the marathon, we couldn't have achieved it without you! We remain committed to our promise that £1 of every transaction made is donated to LGFB. The charity was a great help to Katie during her chemotherapy journey and as a thank you we give back to them so they can continue to run their confidence workshops for women, teenagers and also now men facing the side effects of cancer treatment.


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New to Katie's Heart? To find out how our journey started CLICK HERE


Katie: "I've completed a marathon! I still can't believe it! I had trained up to 17 miles before and this was the point where I really struggled. My trainer Gerraint Webb at UFit in Cardiff prepared me for the marathon. His plan was based around weekly weight training PTs combined with one long run and also interval sessions. The results speak for themselves! Gerraint has been my trainer for years and he was there for me as soon as I was ready to get back into training after chemotherapy. THANKS G, YOU ARE THE BEST!'

Katie in 2015 just after recovering from chemo & taking part in her first event, Forest Warrior Vs May 2018, 2 stone weight loss!


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Emma: “I was abroad when Katie ran the marathon. I was tearful (happy tears!) to wake up to find out my best mate had just smashed her first marathon in 4hrs 21mins! She is incredible. Only a few years ago she battled cervical cancer then breast cancer. Watching your 36 year old best mate sit on six occasions hooked up to a bag labelled ‘radioactive’ was something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The way she dealt with it all was so inspiring and the support she received from LGFB was so important. You go girl! 4hours 21mins! What next?”


#TBT to our LAUNCH PARTY  on 17th March 2017 - since then we have raised £1,812 for LGFB!


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We have other awesome news to share & celebrate...

Katie's Heart are now licensed, official suppliers of Bio-glitter®


#bioglitter #supportlocal and #veganfriendly


Our biodegradable glitter is at the very heart of our journey. As recognised, licensed suppliers of Bio-glitter® we are able help eradicate all of those companies stating their glitter is biodegradable when sadly it is not.


What is so special about Bio-glitter® other than the fact it is biodegradable?


Ecological Benefits  ECOLOGICAL BENEFITS

Bio-glitter® is based on biodegradable film made from trees, primarily eucalyptus, sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

Health Benefits  HEALTH BENEFITS

Bio-glitter® contains low levels of heavy metals. Antimony levels in Bio-glitter® are below the limits of detection, effectively zero. Whereas, cosmetic polyester glitter can have antimony levels as high as 150ppm. The antimony in polyester is a by-product of a catalyst used in the manufacture of polyester.

Cosmetic Benefits  COSMETIC BENEFITS

Bio-glitter® feels more comfortable on the skin. Bio-glitter® is physically 30-40% softer than polyester glitter.


A huge shout out to our friends at Bio-glitter® HQ for helping us with our journey! 


As official suppliers we can supply you from 5ml (3.25g fine & 3g chunky) to 10ml in our festival kits (6.5g fine & 6g chunky) all the way up to as much Bio-glitter® as you would like! Contact us for bespoke orders and deals!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Kate's amazing marathon time and our joint journey to becoming licensed retailers of #bioglitter 

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Peace out y'all

Emma & Katie x

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Plant Cellulose. This is the substance that makes up most of a plant's cell walls. Since it is made by all plants, it is probably the most abundant organic compound on Earth. Cellulose is a biodegradable polysaccharide. A polysaccharide is a type of carbohydrate.
No Bio-glitter® does not dissolve in water. Microorganisms are needed to digest Bio-glitter® and transform it into harmless substances; carbon dioxide, water and biomass. If Bio-glitter® did dissolve it would NOT be a good thing as it would still be there in the water, just you would not see it. Similar to salt dissolved in sea water, it is still there just you cannot see it, very easily demonstrated when sea water dries on skin, the salt is left behind and reappears.
The specialised regenerated cellulose core film used in Bioglitter® represents more than 90% of its content and is certified compostable in both industrial (EN13432, EN14995, ASTM D6400, ISO 17088) and home composting environments (OK Compost Home) and also marine biodegradation approved to ASTM D6691-09. A small amount of surface coating is applied to the certified naturally biodegradable core during the manufacture of Bioglitter®. Irrespective of how little is applied and that the materials used are compliant, physical retesting to the appropriate standard/s is required to claim Bioglitter® is certified. Industrial composting is conducted in man made conditions c.60oC and high humidity. Whereas OK Compost Home and marine testing are more representative of the biodegradability in the natural environment. There is a significantly higher probability for glitter to be found in general waste, waste water and general outdoor environment after use. The route to industrial composting via the compost bin is highly unlikely in reality. Specific Bioglitter® testing; Standards can change, ASTM D7081-05 marine standard was withdrawn in 2014 and more recently attention has been drawn to the applicability of industrial compostability standards (EN13432, ASTM 6400) as a measure of compostability in the natural environment. Biodegradability testing to standards more appropriate to where glitter is found after use and more representative of the natural environment can take up to two years. Considering the above, our approach to testing to a particular standard will be based on its merits in terms of time, cost and validity for a particular glitter application. The goal being to obtain independent test data and certification validating the ability of Bioglitter® to biodegrade outside in the natural environment.
Bioglitter® is very stable and will not biodegrade on the shelf. Biodegradation will only be initiated in soil, compost or waste-water environments where microorganisms are present.
Bioglitter® as supplied has an indefinite shelf life providing it is stored in a dry dark, cool environment, out of direct sunlight, away from direct heat sources and not exposed to microorganisms.
Yes, however Bio-glitter® is not edible. All Katie's Heart products are Vegan friendly.
We can always look into further discounts for large quantities. Please contact us with your requirements.
Katie’s Heart ‘glitter glue’ is natural, organic shea butter.
Yes! Katie's heart Raw Organic Shea Butter Applicator is a gentle and effective way to affix your Bio-Glitter®. A small amount goes a long way and effectively holds your glitter look in place for hours. Shea butter is a key product in all kinds of cosmetic lotions because its a natural moisturiser. Use your applicator to affix your Bio-Glitter® to your face, or anywhere you fancy! You can even use it as a primer for eye shadow, loose pigment and dust, it also makes a great lipsalve or magic cream for little ones! To remove just wash with soap or make up remover. Cosmetically certified, cruelty free, vegan, raw, organic butter that conforms to EU1223/2009.
We are commited to serving the environment. Integrity is at the heart of our small business ethos and we owe it to mother nature to evolve our practices. At present we use plastic pots however this may change.
We do offer a solution to the single use plastic issue –
The pots can be recycled or we have a refill service. It’s so simple – send back your pots, we refill them, post them back to you and deduct the cost of your postage from the order!
• Contact Katie’s Heart and inform us you are opting to use our refill service o FB @xkatiesheartx o Insta @katies_heart o Customer-service@katiesheart.com • We will respond with the return address • Post your pot/s using 1st Class Large Letter Royal Mail at £1.01 (subject to change) • Place your order and we will refund the cost of the postage at the above rate, refill your pot/s and post them back to you!
Winner winner vegan dinner! Be part of the change! #katiesheart
You only require a fine layer of the applicator onto your skin for the bioglitter to stick effectively.
We attend many different types of festivals both as Katie’s Heart and also just to enjoy a really good party!
We can honestly say if you use our applicators, your Bio-glitter® and reusable rhinestones will stay on all day and night even if your dance moves are hectic and your skin sweaty!
The best way to remove the bioglitter is to simply wash it off. Jumping in the shower is the best bet and using your usual choice of shower gel or soap. If you are at a festival it is easiest to wash your face with water rather than use wet wipes (plus we really need to think about how many wet wipes we are using!)
Yes! Combining colours and textures gives you many different looks! Be your own mixologist!
Yes! Get in touch with us and lets discuss your needs, that way we can develop a bespoke deal that suits your event.